The Genesis of G2S

On a trip to the second largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya I was struck by the apparent disadvantage in education that young women face. This was not due to the availability of education, it was due to lack of finances to cover what should be regarded as a basic need – sanitary products. I have since discovered there are millions of young women worldwide who are unable to attend school during their period, a natural part of a women’s menstrual cycle.

I left Kenya thinking there had to be some way I could help. Considering the various options, it was clear for this particular age group, the best option was to provide these young women with reusable pads. I was introduced to an organisation in Uganda, who employ women in surrounding villages to produce high quality reusable product. Following a fundraising exercise Girls2School was birthed. February 2018, I revisited the Mathare slum in Nairobi and provided over 200 young women with pads that would last them throughout 2018. 

The need is great, Girls2School will continue its quest to enable young women to be on the same playing field as their male counterparts, with the same opportunities to attend school.


Tanya Robinson OBE is skilled in non-profit Social Outreach Organisations; co-founder of City Women Outreach and Chair of the board of trustees for Women on the Frontline, both organisations reach out to women subject to Human Trafficking and subsequently forced into the sex industry a charity that provides a drop-in for sex workers and sign posting for practical solutions to some of the everyday problems they face.

A civil servant who has worked in the Criminal Justice sector for 15 years. Tanya regularly speaks on social justice and bringing awareness to abuse and inequality.


What we do

Girls2school is still in its infancy. Our aims; to assist young women both in the UK and abroad, supporting them to be able to attend school throughout the year and not have to consider the cost of sanitary products as a barrier to gaining the same education as their male counterparts. 

We aim to increase awareness of this issue. Our support to include:

  •  Sanitary pads
  •  Health and hygiene workshops
  • HIV awareness 
  • Supporting communities to be self-sufficient by manufacturing their own products


Girls2school have partnered with She for She – Ugandan based organisation that provides employment to the women in local villages to manufacture reusable sanitary pads. She for She also run workshops on menstrual hygiene and how to use the pads.

Find out more about She for She 

Nominate a Project

If you are aware of project, scheme or organisation that would benefit from a supply of re-usable sanitary pads. Please complete the nomination form. All nominations will be considered and responded to accordingly.